Atlantic City May Move To Full Ban of Smoking in Casinos

Atlantic City has always prided itself on being a leader along with Las Vegas in the casino gambling industry. Last year, the city created a partial ban on smoking in their casinos.

Now, they are setting their sights on making all of their casinos totally smoke free. The City Council will try and turn the entire casino floors at the eleven city casinos into no smoking zones.

Currently, no more than twenty five percent of the casino floor can have smoking. That is not doing enough according to Councilmen who are trying to make casinos completely smoke free.

“There has been a year of compromise, and the public health issues are compelling. It’s really time to cut bait here and let’s go forward,” said Councilman Bill Ward.

Ward will be the one to introduce the new non smoking measure to the rest of his peers at a meeting next week. The laws that went into effect last year called for certain things to be done at casinos in the city.

Up until now, walled off ventilation areas that were supposed to be built by casinos have not been done in any of the eleven casinos. Ward believes that unless a full ban goes into effect, casinos will not comply with current laws.

The issue of smoking in casinos has been a hot topic around the country. More and more states are going to non smoking casinos. Not surprisingly, workers in casinos are pushing for these laws to help their health.

The workers in casinos are starting to be represented by unions, which is a strong reason why these non smoking laws are being pushed through all of a sudden around the country.